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W&H Product Registration

W&H Product Registration

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Why should I register my product?

  • Prize Draw

    Register for the Chance to Win an Assistina Twin

    Register Your W&H Products Now to Enter our Prize Draw!

    W&H are delighted to offer you the chance to win an Assistina Twin when you register your new W&H products. Every time you register a product, your details will be entered into a prize draw.

    The draw will include all entrants from 1st January to the 19th December and will be drawn on 20th December each year. The winner will be notified by email within 7 working days. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Exclusive content

    Exclusive content

    Take advantage of a range of exclusive videos, reports and studies for registered users, including:

    • A raft of information from international experts

    • Useful information across a range of dental topics

    • Interesting material produced y professionals for professionals

  • Instant product information

    Instant product information

    Receive important product based safety information when required in accordance with statutory disclosure requirements.

    How does registration work?

    Step 1
    How to Register

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    Step 2
    Find the serial number (SN)
    and reference number (REF)

    What do I need for registration?

    All you need is the serial number (SN) and the product reference number (REF) for each product being registered.

    Where can I find the serial number (SN) and reference number (REF) on the device?

    Where can I find the serial number (SN) and reference number (REF) for instruments?
    Step 3
    Registering product(s)

    Registering products

    Please register all W&H products that have a serial number (SN) and reference number (REF). Where required please also include the installation date and consultant’s name.

    All data will be treated as confidential and no information will be disclosed to any third party.