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Hygiene & Maintenance

W&H AIMS - Advanced Infection Prevention Management Solutions

W&H AIMS conveys science-based and long-standing, detailed know-how which helps to form a deeper understanding of how infection risks arise and why each step of the decontamination reprocessing process, in conjunction with appropriate personal protective equipment, are key to breaking the chain of infection. AIMS provides a virtual step-by-step guide through the hygiene workflow and answers many of the questions you may have before, during and after. It also establishes sound protocols to protect the dental team in their day to day work.

W&H AIMS demonstrates ways to make reprocessing of instruments and handpieces more efficient and effective, whilst adapting it to the day to day needs of individual practices. With AIMS W&H want to assist you in breaking the chain of infection transmission.

AIMS workflow
Find out more and access the W&H AIMS workflow.

Why is it important to follow the steps of a hygiene and reprocessing workflow?

  • To interrupt cross-transmission of infections in dental practices
  • For the health of dental professionals and patients (please be aware of the importance
    of wearing appropriate protective equipment)
  • To maintain dental instrumentation to ensure an extended lifespan
  • To make adherence to guidelines for professional waste, water and energy management easier and more effective.

Hygiene Standards at the Highest Level

W&H offers a complete solution for your handpieces, contra-angle handpieces and turbines on their way through the hygiene system.

Hygiene and maintenance

You can find helpful FAQs on the topic of hygiene and reprocessing in the FAQ Section and on the Video Channel.

Surgical handpiece disassembly and reassembly for effective sterilization

Many of our surgical handpieces are designed to be disassembled by the user for thorough cleaning. Please see below for downloadable information sheets that you can print as required.
Please note that information sheets in this format are not currently available for the 2013 models of Surgical handpiece, although you will find Disassembly/Reassembly instructions in the Instructions for Use.

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