Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H

The ONE that speeds up MY daily operation

Fast, thorough and easy to use: Assistina One speeds up daily operations and facilitates dental handpiece care. With the shortest cycle time in its class and its high-quality care results, the innovative maintenance solution is a top dental device – designed for top dental professionals.

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

    • The ONE for a new level of maintenance

      Assistina One is the first choice for maintaining dental transmission instruments, including handpieces, air motors and air scalers. The new generation of the W&H single-port device is equipped with the exceptional Quick Connect System for switching between handpieces. It can be easily adapted to individual needs and fits perfectly into every workflow.

      Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H
      • The ONE for perfect care

        The entire lubrication and spray channel cleaning process only takes 18 seconds, making the Assistina One the fastest maintenance solution in its class. It only works with compressed air; no electric power supply is needed.

        The unit is set up and ready to go in no time at all. Together with the one-touch start button and convenient cartridge management for refilling oil and cleaning liquids, the Assistina One is a modern maintenance solution for dental practices with high standards in handpiece care.

        Removable rotating window

        Seals the maintenance area and can easily be removed

        One-touch start button

        For intuitive use and easy handling

        Fast cycle time

        Just 18 seconds for the entire lubrication and cleaning process

        Quick Connect System

        Flexible switching between handpieces with Quick ISO
        and Quick RM adaptors

        Ready-to-use refill cartridges

        For easy, neat and fast replacement of Service Oil and Activefluid

        Flat, smooth surfaces

        For thorough device cleaning

        HEPA filter

        To meet hygiene standards and a clean working environment

        Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H
        • The thorough ONE

          High-quality transmission instruments require high-quality care.

          In fact, proper and professional maintenance plays an essential role in the longevity and value retention of handpieces. The maintenance unit ensures perfect care and performs the correct lubrication cycles crucial for the function and long service life of dental handpieces.

          The Assistina One thoroughly lubricates all gear parts, cleans the spray channels properly and even dries the inner parts with compressed air.

          Thorough lubrication of the gear parts

          Proper cleaning of the spray channels
          and drying of the inner parts

          Cleaning process

          The efficient ONE

          Cleaning the spray channels reduces potential blockages caused by limescale deposits and therefore ensures smoother operation, longer lifespan, and less service costs.

          Lubrication process

          The effective ONE

          With the ground-breaking technology of oil nebulisation, dental transmission instruments are lubricated even faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

          The oil is first atomised in the adaptor to a fine oil mist, which is then blown into the transmission instrument at high pressure. Debris from inside the transmission instrument is removed, and all gear parts are lubricated without putting them in motion.

          With the active suction and HEPA filter, aerosols are removed from the chamber, keeping the working environment clean and safe.
          Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H
          • Economical

            The economical ONE

            Handpiece care with the Assistina One is more cost-effective than manual lubrication or other systems.

            The integrated automatic oil dispensing and smart process monitoring system always delivers the correct amount of oil, which makes the Assistina One extremely lucrative. More than 2,800 instruments can be maintained with just one Care Set, saving money, time, and oil spray cans. With maximum lubrication at minimum consumption, Assistina One is a highly economical solution.

          • Ecological

            The ecological ONE

            The Assistina One truly lives up to expectations of an environmentally friendly and sustainable maintenance solution. It only works with compressed air and requires no electric supply.

            Made in Austria with durable, high-quality materials, it has a small ecological footprint of production and a long service life.

            Assistina One Care Set yields as much as 20 oil spray cans (400 ml per oil spray can)

            Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H
            • Quick Connect

              The convenient ONE

              The Assistina One is tailored to the needs of those who work with it.

              Different adaptors for high flexibility, intuitive design for convenient use and outstanding maintenance results: this new generation of a single-port maintenance solution takes the care of handpieces, motors and scalers to a new level.

            • Quick ISO

              Quick ISO

              for straight and contra-angle handpieces

            • Quick RM

              Quick RM

              for turbine handpieces

            • Adaptor overview

              The flexible ONE

              For brand specific connections, like Roto Quick, select the right adaptor, connect it easily, and start!

              Click here for the complete adaptor portfolio.

              The integrated ONE

              Sterilization, hygiene, and maintenance are increasingly important in the dental practice. The new Assistina One is an optimally matching part of W&H´s wide range of products for the safe reprocessing of instruments, contra-angle and turbine handpieces according to the recommended, holistic W&H AIMS hygiene workflow.

              W&H AIMS: A how-to workflow video for Advanced Infection Prevention Management

              Product sets & consumables

              Assistina One

              Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H is available in 3 different configurations:

              Assistina One MB301+ 1 Quick ISO
              REF 30398001

              › Air connection hose (2m)
              › One Care Set
              › 1 Quick ISO adaptor

              Assistina One MB301 + 1 Quick RM
              REF 30398002

              › Air connection hose (2m)
              › One Care Set
              › 1 Quick RM adaptor

              Assistina One MB301 + 1 Quick RM + 1 Quick ISO
              REF 30398003

              › Air connection hose (2m)
              › One Care Set
              › 1 Quick ISO adaptor
              › 1 Quick RM adaptor

              Assistina One Care Set

              Consumables are easy to replace without any tools.

              One Care Set MB301
              REF 08064970

              › 1 cartridge of Activefluid (200 ml)
              › 1 cartridge of Service Oil F1 (200 ml)
              › 1 HEPA filter

            • System overview adaptor

              Assistina One (MB-301) with Quick Connect

              Step 1: Select the handpiece type

              • Straight and contra-angle handpieces: require Quick ISO adaptor
              • Turbine handpieces: require Quick RM adaptor

              Step 2: For brand specific connections

              • For brand specific connections, like Roto Quick, select the right adaptor suitable for you.

              Straight and contra-angle handpieces
              Turbine handpieces

              Adaptor Quick ISO

              REF 06422600

              All straight and contra-angle handpieces with ISO connection

              for contra-angles with removable heads

              REF 02679000

              for T1 CLASSIC from Sirona Dental Systems

              REF 02691000

              for FG chuck system (W&H, Sirona Dental Systems)

              REF 02693000

              for Entran contra-angle head

              REF 05204600

              Adaptor Quick RM

              REF 06395100

              for turbines or adaptors with standard 4-hole connection (with or without light)

              W&H turbines, air scaler and air motors with Roto Quick system

              REF 02690400

              for T1, T2, T3 from Sirona Dental Systems

              REF 02692000

              for turbines with Multiflex connection (Kaltenbach & Voigt)

              REF 04713200

              for turbines with Borden 2(3)-hole connection

              REF 02083500

              Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H
            • Technical Data

              Type Assistina One
              Process: Cleaning the spray channels, lubrication
              Suitable for: Straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbine handpieces, air scalers, air motors
              Air consumption: approx. 50 Nl/min.
              Operating pressure:

              5–10 bar (controlled via an integrated, automatic pressure controller)

              Dimensions (W x D x H): 166 × 383 × 243 mm
              Weight: 2.2 kg

              200 ml W&H Activefluid cleaning solution
              200 ml W&H Service Oil F1

              Assistina One with Quick Connect by W&H