Synea Vision – „Vision“ gives a better view

Hygiene regulations, DIN standards, practice TÜV, academic guidelines, medical necessities, technical updates and natural empathy towards the patient – the day-to-day requirements in a dental practice are demanding and the responsibility great. For this reason, knowledge of ergonomics and efficiency are two of the fundamental qualities required of a dentist for safe, successful work.

Luckily, support is available from Austria for dental professionals. In addition to optimally ergonomic instruments, a renowned quality manufacturer of turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces has now also made optimal vision of the treatment site its mission.

Synea Vision with 5x LED ring: Keeping a clear view

Building on the principle of “You can only treat the diseases that you can see”, a circumferential 5x LED light cone in the Synea Vision turbine head offers improved lighting and visual conditions for improved vision. The operating field, which is considerably expanded and brightly lit with a luminous flux of 6.0 lumens, makes it possible to view all the surfaces of a tooth and the neighbouring tissues.

Compared with yellow light, LED light illuminates the clinical situation with considerably better contrast and colour fidelity. This substantially improved view of the field of application in the mouth makes it possible to avoid the automatic, subconscious and often non-ergonomic postural changes of the back and hand that are common when using a single-ray, small light cone or an external bulb from above, for example. Practical for short check-ups: Tapping the dental unit foot control gently lights everything up without water and bur rotation.

With the W&H turbine you have optimum illumination of even hard-to-reach places. That provides optimal support for safe treatment.

improved vision over the treatment area

The considerably improved vision over the treatment area in the mouth provides ideal support for ergonomic back, neck and hand posture.

Reducing work strain

In light of future pension increases, it is in the best interests of young and old alike to remain fit. One third of the population is reported to be suffering from permanent stress, so salutogenic (health-promoting) measures in day-to-day work and stress management programmes are high on the agenda nowadays. Synea Vision offers temporary and long-term relief from the predominantly sedentary work of a dentist such as when operating or preparing, which places strain on the dentist's back and neck.

With a weight of just 39-70 grams depending on the model, the turbines feel more like an elegant pen, it rests so lightly in your hand. “Your” can be taken literally here: with five different sizes available, every dentist can find a Synea Vision that fits him/her like a glove. The smooth running noise at a pleasant 57 dB (approx.) offers additional relief for your ears, as it considerably reduces the stress and strain provoked by noises in the practice. Available with the Roto Quick ® or Multiflex ® connection, “the” Vision is also immediately ready for use on any dental treatment unit. The clearly visible, gold-offset field with the circumferential 5x LED ring (PentaLED) and the water jets is easy to disinfect. All of the quality contra-angle handpieces in the Synea range can be sterilised in accordance with EN 13060 (Class B), plus there is the Assistina, which also complies with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Patient comfort

Patient comfort was also a top priority: Four different small turbine heads available with diameters of 9 to 13.5 mm, alternatively also with the recently developed microturbine, allow unhindered working even in small mouths, safe and reliable in accordance with well-known manufacturer quality.

The Synea Vision range represents a sensible investment in promoting your health in your day-to-day activities. It is an elegant and reliable assistant in terms of quality assurance, health and well-being.

Quality assurance:

  • Overview of operating field with 5x LED quality.
  • State-of-the-art hygiene standard
  • Perfection in preparation
  • Minimization of sources of error and high success rates

The result: Safety in dental work, less stress and strain on the body, considerable relaxation during and after a long day at work and thus considerably improved quality of life with more strength left over for your family.