Redo för framtiden inom dental

W&H continues to focus on digital innovations and new partnerships

What should a dental company be doing today in order to prepare for the future? At the IDS, Roland Gruber and Dr Michael Reiter from the Austrian manufacturer W&H talked to the editorial department about digitalization, specialization and industry partnerships.

Roland Gruber, Head of Marketing and Sales for Germany and Austria, revealed the specific strategies this well-established and family-owned manufacturer wants to use to be even better prepared for the future, and the role that cooperation with other companies will play in this.

Roland Gruber

Mr Gruber, the new generation of the Implantmed surgical unit, which W&H launched last year, offers a wide range of digital functions. Among other things, it can be connected to the Osstell ISQ module – what benefit does this have for treatment?

Gruber: With our retrofittable ISQ module, surgeons benefit from a unique system for measuring implant stability. The status of osseointegration can therefore be continually checked and documented after the implant insertion, thus offering the user improved safety during treatment.

How did the cooperation with Osstell come about?

Gruber: In general, W&H believes that sales and technology partnerships are an important element when it comes to expanding our range and our services. We have been impressed by the Osstell ISQ module system for some time. We want the combination of the Implantmed and ISQ module to offer our end customers innovative and simple combined application solutions.

With Implantmed, Piezomed and the surgical handpieces and contra-angles, W&H is very well-positioned as a manufacturer in the area of oral surgery and Implantology. What further plans do you have for this product sector?

Gruber: With Implantmed, W&H has been the market leader in the area of surgical drive units for many years. We have also had piezosurgery covered for a few years now. Now with the Osstell ISQ function, we are the only manufacturer which can operate up to three devices with one wireless foot control. Therefore, the task for us now is to launch this innovative, customer-oriented application solution so that dentists can enjoy the benefits of the technology as quickly as possible.

Dr Michael Reiter, Vice President Product Management and Digital at W&H, explained the advantages of digitalization for users in practices and laboratories.

Dr Michael Reiter

Dr Reiter, what do you think of the developments in the area of digital dentistry?

Dr Reiter: We all use new media in our daily lives. As could be seen at the IDS, this is also fertile ground for the dental world. In comparison with the IDS two years ago, you can see that the industry is moving forwards, as are our customers. Digitalization is taking us into a new era, and it is definitely a future growth segment for everyone involved.

What do you think are the advantages of digital management and processing of data for dental practices and laboratories?

Dr Reiter: As in our private lives, the use of digital technologies in dentistry makes a lot of things easier. The processes are become more stable and traceable. Care is improving, and patients are becoming better informed. The dentist can rely on additional information, which was not previously available. Documentation becomes more consistent, meaning that it is easier to comply with regulatory requirements.

What specific solutions does W&H offer?

Dr Reiter: At W&H we are luck to have started working on digitalization a few years ago and have already been able to gain important experience from over a thousand installed devices, particularly in the preparation and sterilization process. We have been able to learn about the new technologies with our customers. In the spirit of the W&H principle "People have Priority", new benefits have emerged both for our customers, and for us and our sales partners. We started with the hygiene and preparation segment, and now W&H is in a position to link up the entire range.

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