Assistina 301: For 30 years the number 1

W&H is permanently on the forefront with regard to quality, innovation, and usability of its products. Proper and professional care plays an extremely important role in the longevity and value retention of precision transmission instruments. For 30 years now, W&H’s maintenance system Assistina 301 has been providing excellent service in the upkeep of dental handpieces.

W&H Assisitna 301 plus 30 years anniversary
Assistina 301 plus provides perfect maintenance for dental handpieces.

High-quality transmission instruments require high-quality care. With the introduction of Assistina 301 in 1992, W&H brought dental device upkeep to a whole new level. The maintenance device provides perfect care and performs correct lubrication cycles that are essential for the function and long working life of dental handpieces.

The air-driven Assistina 301 plus is designed for straight and contra-angle handpieces, turbines, air motors, and air-driven scalers. During a maintenance cycle, it cleans the spray channels with cleaning fluid, lubricates the gear parts with high-quality W&H Service Oil, and finally dries the instruments with compressed air. All these steps are completed within only 35 seconds at the touch of a button.

Success story over 30 years

The reprocessing device comes with decisive advantages for dentists: from simple and safe operation to reduced servicing costs. Compared to traditional oil spray cans, the automatic oil dispensing system accounts for a cost reduction of 90 percent. This makes automatic instrument maintenance not only the most convenient, but also the most effective way to care for transmission instruments. Adaptors to fit other manufacturers’ handpieces are yet another convenient feature: straight and contra-angle handpieces with ISO connection do not require adaption at all, and there is an extensive portfolio of adaptors to ensure compatibility with any other certified system.

In combination with the W&H thermal washer disinfectors Teon or Teon + and one of W&H’s sterilizer models, Assistina 301 plus ensures hygienic standards at the highest level: easy, fast, and safe to use, it comes as no surprise that it has been supporting dentists around the world and making their work easier for 30 years.

W&H Assistina 301 plus
It only takes 35 seconds for the lubrication process to be finished, leaving a perfectly maintained instrument.