The dental prophylaxis for a beaming smile

Professional tooth cleaning is an effective method, giving your patients a beaming smile. With Proxeo, W&H offers a compact, easy to handle solution for everything you need, no matter whether it is cleaning, polishing or fluoridating!

Prophylaxis & Periodontology

Prophylaxis & Periodontology

System Overview

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  • Proxeo Contra-angle with cup

    Improved visibility and optimum speed

    With the small contra-angle head you will always have everything in view – even treatment sites in the distal area.

    The rotational speed and the transmission ratio of 4:1 enable:

    > Greater cleaning efficiency
    > Gentle polishing of tooth surfaces
    > No splattering of paste

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Long life with unique sealing system
    • Best view with small head
    • Efficient treatment with ergonomic design
    • Optimal speeds for atraumatic and efficient polishing/cleaning
    • Easy to clean and hygiene-friendly
    • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
    Sealing systems

    Long life and hygienic

    Long service life with special sealing system. Prevents penetration of paste or particles resulting from treatment.
    System UNIVERSAL (WP-64 MU)
    A specially developed sealing system from W&H
    protect the precision components against the ingress of paste and treatment debris.
    System YOUNG (WP-64 M)
    The sealing effect is renewed each time the cap is changed, because the cutting ring of the instrument head cuts into the rubber of the cap. This prevents the penetration of polishing paste and provides optimum protection for the precision engineering.
    Best view

    Best view

    A small contra-angle handpiece head ensures an excellent view of treatment sites – even in the distal region.
    Cleaning and polishing

    Cleaning and polishing

    Cleaning and polishing of tooth surfaces in the interdental region
    Polishing of composite fillings in the frontal region
    Polishing of amalgam fillings in the interdental region

    Proxeo contra-angle handpieces for screw-in cups and brushes

    WP-64 MU

    for all common screw-in cups, brushes and snap-on adaptor

    WP-64 MU
    REF 10216443

    Contra-angle 4:1
    System UNIVERSAL

    WP-64 M

    for YOUNG screw-in cups and brushes

    WP-64 M
    REF 10216403

    Contra-angle 4:1
    System YOUNG

    Proxeo contra-angle handpiece for cups and brushes with 2.35 mm shaft

    WP-66 M

    for caps, brushes and snap-on adaptor with 2.35 mm shaft

    WP-66 M
    REF 30190000

    Contra-angle 4:1

    Proxeo handpiece for disposable contra-angles

    HP-44 M

    for disposable contra-angles with plastic shank, System Doriot

    HP-44 M
    REF 10114403

    Handpiece 4:1

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  • Type: WP-64 MU WP-64 M           WP-66 M           HP-44 M
    Max. motor speed: 10,000 min -1 10,000 min -1 10,000 min -1 10,000 min -1
    Transmission ratio: 4:1 4:1 4:1 4:1
    Recommended speed
    for cups and brushes:
    1,250 – 1,500 min -1 1,250 – 1,500 min -1 1,250 – 1,500 min -1 1,250 – 1,500 min -1
    Maximum speed
    for cups and brushes:
    2,500 min -1 2,500 min -1 2,500 min -1 2,500 min -1
    Attachments that can be used: All standard screw-in cups, brushes and snap-on caps (screw thread 1-72 UNF 2A) YOUNG screw-in cups and brushes Caps, brushes and snap-on caps with 2.35 mm shaft disposable contra-angles with plastic shaft, system Doriot
    Coupling system

    ISO 3964