EliSafe label printer

Creating a link to the patient file

The EliSafe label printer is a quick and easy tool for linking the sterilization cycle and dental products used for treatment with the patient file. The label printer is connected to the W&H autoclave. Bar code labels are only printed if the sterilization cycle is successfully completed.

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

  • Pouches containing instruments

    EliSafe –
    traceability pack

    Bar code labels can be printed automatically
    or manually.

    The labels are stuck onto the sterile goods packing before the dental products are transferred for storage.

    The EliSafe label printer reduces workloads and minimises the risk of error.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Plug&Play solution – the EliSafe label printer is connected directly to your W&H sterilizer
    • All of the EliSafe options are controlled directly via W&H autoclave. As a result, it is not necessary to connect anything to a computer
    • The bar code reader is compatible with all computers and all dental software
    Labels are printed only after successful completion of the sterilization process in the autoclave

    Labels are printed only after successful completion of the sterilization process in the autoclave

    Once the sterilization cycle for the dental products has been successfully completed, you can print the labels either automatically or manually. As a result, workload is reduced and the risk of error is minimised.
    Information about the sterilized dental products is shown on the labels

    Information on bar code labels

    The EliSafe bar code labels contain all the information required to link then sterilized dental products to the sterilization cycle and the patient file:

    > Autoclave serial number
    > Sterilization cycle number
    > Date of sterilization
    > Expiry date of the packaged dental products

    If you are already using the new Lisa 500 autoclave with the load release option, then the labels will also show the name of the member of staff who released the sterilized dental products.
    Simple link to patient records via the bar code labels

    A link to the patient file

    > The printed bar code labels are stuck on the sterile goods packing of the sterilized dental products before they are transferred for storage.

    > When the dental products are taken out of sterile storage for use, simply scan the labels into the patient file.

    > Alternatively, you can also take the labels from the opened sterile goods packing and stick them on the patient’s card.

    Step 1: EliSafe label printer

    EliSafe label printer

    Select the EliSafe connection kit
    according to your sterilizer model

    label printer
    REF 19721109

    Step 2: EliSafe connection kit

    EliSafe connection kit for Lisa VA131, Lara, Lina, Lyla and Lexa

    1 roll of 2100 labels + 1 wax/resin ribbon +
    activation code instructions

    for Lisa VA131, Lara, Lina, Lyla, Lexa
    REF 19721123

    Step 3: Barcode scanner

    Barcode scanner

    Barcode scanner
    REF 19721132

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