Q-Dry – for easy handpiece drying

Q-dry compressed air device

Perfect for drying your handpieces

Q-Dry provides an optimal internal drying solution for handpieces after manual and automatic cleaning processes. By effectively removing liquids from within the handpieces, Q-Dry ensures that no spots are left on the pouches after sterilization.

With the Quick Connect Adaptor, Q-Dry offers flexibility, allowing you to prepare the adaptor you need while ensuring full compatibility with all types of handpieces and hollow instruments.

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

  • Q-dry compressed air device

    Q-Dry: easy to use thanks to Quick Connect and compressed air

    Compressed air offers significant benefits in increasing drying levels for handpieces and hollow instruments, while Quick Connect adaptors simplify and speed up operations.

    The ease of use, which only requires connecting to the air line and pressing a button, ensures accessibility and efficiency.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Enhanced drying: whether after automatic or manual cleaning, Q-Dry ensures improved drying results.
    • Quick Connect by W&H: with the Quick Connect feature, you can switch effortlessly between different types of handpieces.
    • Ergonomic design: enjoy an intuitive user experience and the ability to dry other hollow instruments.
    • Compatibility: benefit from using the same adaptors found in the Assistina portfolio.


    Q-Dry device for proper drying of hollow dental transmission instruments.

    REF 19723118