Successful W&H Innovation Day in Vietnam

With a global network spanning 130 countries around the world, continuous training and specialist exchange play a crucial role in the development and professional application of W&H medical devices. Regular courses and conventions familiarize partners and clients with technical innovations and new products. To this end, a W&H Innovation Day was recently held in Ho Chi Minh City with high-profile speakers commenting on the subject of infection control and introducing the latest topics to the audience.

Periodontitis doesn’t normally come alone!

As early as 2016 (Monsarrat et al. 2016), a study outlined a link between periodontitis and 57(!) systemic diseases, the most well-known of these being diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Time and again, these links prompt a discussion about the need for positive cooperation between dentists and doctors in order to improve early diagnosis of specific systemic diseases.

Sensitive tooth cervix following periodontal therapy...

Experiencing cervical tooth sensitivity following periodontal therapy? Here’s what you can do about it! Non-surgical periodontal therapy can unfortunately entail a number of disadvantages, which are the sources of some complaints from our patients time and again. For example, they complain about the longer appearance of their teeth and/or about increased sensitivity of the exposed tooth cervix. Studies have shown that around 60 to 90% of our patients suffer from cervical tooth sensitivity in the period immediately following non-surgical periodontal therapy and that from a third up to a quarter of patients still suffer from cervical tooth sensitivity after 4 to 8 weeks (Lin et al. 2012).

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