Seal² and SealVal²

A perfect seal in 2 seconds

A sterile state is difficult to maintain. It is a condition that lasts only as long as an absolutely resistant and hermetically sealed protective system preserves the sterile object from the environment. Seal² assures this by producing perfect 12 mm seals in just two seconds!

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

Sterilization, Hygiene & Maintenance

System Overview

  • Seal² can be wall mounted

    Comfort and ease of use

    Handling is improved with the transparent sealing station and integrated work surface.

    All types of roll in arm’s reach
    Seal²'s patented double roll holder can accommodate a large selection of roll widths to suit all your needs.

    Seal² fits everywhere
    The roll holder can be separated from the sealing station and can also be wall mounted.

    Your advantages
    at a glance

    • Perfect quality seals with no risk of burning the bags
    • Transparent sealing station with integrated work surface
    • Patented double roll holder
    • Can accommodate a larger selection of roll widths
    • Roll holder can be wall mounted
    • Intuitive light and acoustic signals
    • Sealing seam of 12 mm width
    No temperature adjustment
    is needed

    A perfect wrap procedure

    The sealing temperature is electronically regulated which prevents bags form getting burnt thus guaranteeing that pouches are hermetically sealed.
    Patented double roll holder
    that can be wall-mounted

    All types of roll in arm’s reach

    The patented double roll holder can accommodate a larger selection of roll widths to perfectly suit your needs.

    The roll holder can be separated from the sealing station and can also be wall mounted.
    Transparent cutting station
    and integrated work surface

    Comfort and ease of use

    Seal² offers improved handling due to its unique transparent sealing station and integrated work surface.


    Safe and validated

    With SealVal² the thermal sealing is now more than just sealing. The device monitors, saves and displays the data and results of the sealing process for validation.

    Thermal sealing and cutting of rolls and bags of laminated paper/polypropylene or other thermosealable material can be done easily and secure.

    In addition to the above, SealVal² offers the following advantages:

    • Full traceability recording of sealing parameters as pressure, time and temperature
    • Easy user management due to identification of the batch sealing responsible user
    • User-friendly touchscreen with coloured display and intuitive menu structure
    • Flexible installation for space optimization thanks to the roll holder on the wall
    • Save data to generate sealing reports
    • Pre-set and customizable sealing programs available
    • Ethernet connection available by default (LAN cable not included)

    Quick-Guide: How to use SealVal² software

    Learn how to install and use the software for the SealVal² in the Quick-Guide.

    Please note: Software requires Java Virtual Machine JRE version 8 to be able to operate on your computer!

    Seal Check stripes

    Seal Check

    Regular checks and verification lead to best possible results.
    The Seal Check serves exactly this purpose:
    verify and check the quality of the seal performed by W&H sealing devices.
    The routine tests support the practice to keep a high standard in the sealing process.

    Easy checks
    for best results

    • For validation of the closure security of sealed goods in sterilization packages
    • Possible air leaks are monitored in order to ensure the best result in terms of sterility preservation
    • Easy to use and integrated into the daily routine


    REF 19722101


    REF 19722103

    Seal Check

    Pack includes 100 test sheets; EN 11607-1 and EN 11607-2 compliant

    Seal Check
    REF T802100X

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  • Seal²


    200 / 240 V

    100 / 120 V

    Number of phases:



    Power supply:

    50 / 60 Hz

    50 / 60 Hz


    180 W

    180 W

    Isolation class:

    I / IPX0

    I / IPX0


    Nr. 2 – 5x 20 T4 A

    Nr. 2 – 5x 20 F10 A

    Environmental conditions for which the device has been designed:

    • Internal use
    • Altitude up to 3000 m
    • Temperature: +5 / +40 °C
    • Relative max. humidity: 85%
    • Max voltage variation: ± 10 %
    • Installation category (overvoltage category): II
    • Pollution level: 1




    7.1 kg

    Dimensions of the seal:

    12 x 310 mm

    Type of sealing:

    At constant temperature



    200 / 240 V ac, single phase


    50 / 60 Hz


    180 W

    Insulation class:

    I / IPX0


    N.2 – 5x 20 - T 5 A

    Conditions of use:

    Max. altitude
    Max. relative humidity
    Max. voltage tolerance
    Overvoltage category
    Pollution degree
    Max. surge (≤ 5s)
    Max. surge (> 5s)

    Indooruse only
    3000 m asl
    +5÷ +40°C
    230V + 1200V
    230V + 250V

    Mains switch:



    8.3 kg

    Welding area:

    12 x 310 mm

    Welding temperature:

    Standard mode
    Free Option mode

    180°C min.
    170°C max. 200°C (set by the user)