Teon och Teon +

Högst rengöringsprestanda

De nya diskdesinfektorerna från W&H, Teon och Teon+, rengör samt desinfekterar era instrument korrekt och effektivt.

Sterilisering, Hygien & Skötsel

Sterilisering, Hygien & Skötsel



  • Teon

    Ny nivå av reprocessing

    Teon är en effektiv diskdesinfektor som erbjuder den bästa rengöringen och desinfektionen för din tandläkarpraktik. Teon förbättrar flödet, minskar både tidsåtgång och risk för korskontamination.


    • Hög kammarkapacitet
    • Lättanvänd display
    • Hög rengöringsförmåga
    • Skonsam tack vare specifika program
    • Stort tillbehörssortiment
    • Rengöring av ihåliga produkter
    • Spårbarhet och anslutningsbarhet med Ethernet-modul
    • Driftsäker med värmeelementen utanför kammaren

    Teon +

    Teon +
    Högsta nivån av reprocessing

    Teon+, W&H´s diskdesinfektor i premiumsegmentet, garanterar de mest krävande klinikerna ett utmärkt automatiskt rengörings- och desinfektionssystem. Teon+ erbjuder full spårbarhet och dess innovativa aktiva lufttorkningssystem tar resultatet till en ny nivå av kvalitet och prestanda.


    • High drying quality for sensitive instruments
    • Active air-drying with HEPA filter
    • High chamber capacity
    • Ease of use display
    • High cleaning performance
    • Gentle on material thanks to dedicated programs
    • Large selection of accessories
    • Cleaning of the hollow body
    • Traceability and connectivity through Ethernet module
    • Reliability thanks to heater elements outside the wash and gapless chamber
    Enkel att använda

    Ease of use

    The modern design and intuitive user guidance make it particularly easy to operate in the demanding everyday reprocessing routine. The control panel is easy to operate and also serves as a door opener.
    Hög kvalitet

    Highest quality

    The thermal washer disinfectors are distinguished by their high-quality performance and thus ensure a successful, holistic cleaning process for dental instruments. Thanks to their modern, elegant design, they can also be perfectly integrated into your reprocessing room.
    Individual insert packs

    Individual insert packs

    Reprocessing can be as simple and efficient. Choose from a wide range of accessories and use our special packages:
    - With the “starter pack” you have the perfect range of basic equipment.
    - With the “injection pack”, you are ideally equipped especially for handpieces also.
    More information on the accessories list.


    The integrated spray arm monitoring enables excellent reprocessing results. The speed variable pump increases/decreases the pressure according to the step in the reprocessing process. The filter system removes dirt particles to prevent obstacles for your instruments.
    Convenience and ergonomics

    Convenience and ergonomics

    The salt container integrated into the door ensures easy and convenient refilling. Thanks to the ergonomics concept, no equipment needs to be removed.
    Hygienic rinsing room

    Hygienic rinsing room

    The rinsing chamber enables higher throughput with excellent hygiene purity. In addition, the optimal size allows a higher capacity per batch.

    »starter pack«

    includes the perfect range of basic equipment. Mer information under tillbehör & förbrukning

    »injection pack«

    complemented by an additional equipment perfectly and particularly suitable for handpieces. Mer information under tillbehör & förbrukning


    Teon säljs utan tillbehör, så du kan utrusta den efter dina behov. Mer information under tillbehör & förbrukning

    REF 19860060

    version för Danmark, Finland, Norge och Sverige

    Teon +

    Komplettera Teon + med tillbehören du verkligen behöver. Enheten säljs tom, men kan utrustas för dina behov. Mer information under tillbehör & förbrukning

    Teon +
    REF 19870060

    version för Danmark, Finland, Norge och Sverige

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  • Technical data

    Type: Teon Teon +
    Power supply: 400 V AC; 50–60 Hz/230 V AC; 50–60 Hz
    Current: 16 A
    Overall dimension
    (w x h x d):
    600 x 835 x 600 mm
    Space required for installation
    (w x h x d):
    598 x 835 x 1.200 mm (in total with opened-door)
    Weight (empty): 74 kg 78 kg
    Smart Dry:
    Dry Plus:
    HEPA filter:
    Cold water connection:
    Hot water connection:
    Demineralized water connection:
    Auto-close – automatic door lock:
    No. of integrated dispenser pumps for liquid products: 2 1
    In-door dosing device for rinse:
    Salt tank – front door access:
    Number of program: 5 6
    No. of customizable program: 2 2
    Cycle time (time for Vario TD Dental program): 49' 74'
    including active

    The thermal washer disinfectors Teon and Teon + were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:

    93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive EN 61010-2-040 Safety requirement DIN EN ISO 15883-1/2 Washer-Disinfector
    EN 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility - EN1717 Protection against pollution of potable water