Best Practice Reprocessing & Infection Control

Uniting Experts for Knowledge Exchange

W&H places a significant emphasis on addressing the needs of medical professionals in its product development. Over the course of two extensive workshops, the medical technology company engaged in collaborative discussions with professionals from France, Italy, Australia, Germany, and Türkiye. The primary focus of these workshops revolved around knowledge transfer, sharing best practice examples, and delving deeper into the reprocessing procedures and infection prevention workflows used within their dental practices.

W&H employees at the two reprocessing and infection control workshops in Italy.
W&H recently hosted two reprocessing and infection control workshops in Italy.

W&H recently hosted two workshops in Italy, bringing healthcare professionals together for mutual learning. This approach allows W&H to fine-tune offerings, ensuring they align perfectly with the diverse requirements of users worldwide. “Sharing different experiences with our customers is a key step in defining and implementing the best possible solution for them”, says Marino Magno, member of the management team at W&H Sterilization. The feedback received from the healthcare professionals who participated in these workshops was overwhelmingly positive. The workshops focused on reprocessing and infection control. A major part of the program was AIMS, the W&H guideline for optimal hygiene management in medical practices. The opinion leaders enjoyed the valuable input, the knowledge exchange, and all of that with an Italian flair.

The W&H employees were able to take away a lot of valuable knowledge from the workshops.
The primary focus of the workshops revolved around knowledge transfer.

"We enjoyed the meeting, the multicultural context, and the different backgrounds of the people involved in this event. We gained more knowledge on the AIMS workflow as well”, says Dr Carolin Habermeier, a Dentist from Germany. Dr Ozgur Yildirim Torun from Türkiye also shared his thoughts: “Here in Bergamo, we exchanged in-depth information about the AIMS project for two days at W&H Italy. We tried to contribute to future projects through workshops and brainstorming. I would like to thank the entire W&H team for their openness and remarkable approach to all ideas”. The key takeaway: The best outcomes emerge when both sides benefit and gain valuable insights. This will certainly not be the last workshop that W&H organises for this purpose.