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Washer Disinfector Dryer

This modern thermo washer disinfector dryer enables you to clean handpieces and instruments safely and comply with current national decontamination guidance. Available for benchtop or underbench.

  • ThermoKlenz Underbench
    ThermoKlenz Benchtop

    The First Choice Thermo Washer Disinfector Dryer

    Having a validated reproducible cleaning process within your decontamination cycle protects both you and your patients.

    ThermoKlenz automatically regulates water temperature and detergent quantity, so you can be sure that you are getting a consistent cleaning result every time.

    Handpiece connectors enable the effective cleaning and drying of your valuable tools. It is important that handpiece lumens are fully dry inside prior to steam sterilization, as otherwise steam would not be able to contact all of the internal surfaces and sterility could not be guaranteed.

    Available for underbench or benchtop use.

    The main features at a glance

    • Validated reproducible cleaning
    • Minimises risk of sharps injuries during cleaning
    • Cost effective and simple to use
    • Compact exterior with spacious interior
    • Forced hot air drying of handpieces and instruments
    Validated reproducible cleaning

    KlenzSecure data logger

    The ThermoKlenz cleaning process is validated, ensuring guaranteed consistent cleaning with regulated water temperature and detergent concentration. It also now comes with the KlenzSecure data logger as standard, so you can keep electronic records of your cleaning cycles.
    Minimises risk of sharps injuries during cleaning

    Basket for small items

    Manual cleaning exposes team members to the unnecessary risk of sharps injuries. Utilising an automated cleaning machine like ThermoKlenz minimises the risk.
    Cost effective and simple to use

    ThermoKlenz control panel close-up

    ThermoKlenz is simple to use, with clearly labelled buttons and a self-dosing detergent dispenser. Cost per cycle can be up to two-thirds less than a typical large underbench thermo washer disinfector dryer.
    Compact exterior with spacious interior

    Spacious interior

    Underbench: Compact exterior (W 560 mm x H 800 mm x D 575 mm) to fit easily under a standard work bench, whilst concealing a spacious interior. The height of the chamber above the ground is designed to be more ergonomic than a large chamber machine, with minimal bending required in order to load it.

    Benchtop: Compact exterior (W 560mm x H 555 mm x D 575 mm) to fit easily on a standard worktop.
    Forced hot air drying of handpieces and instruments

    Handpiece holders

    Forced hot air drying of handpieces and instruments removes the risk of residual moisture on surfaces, internal and external, which would prevent steam from contacting them and compromise the sterilization process.


    Thermo washer disinfector dryer.

    Supplied with:

    1 x main basket with integrated handpiece connections and space for multiple sets of instruments
    1 x rack for 8 clip trays/cassettes
    1 x basket for loose instruments
    1 x basket with lid for small items
    1 x 1 litre bottle of KlenzKlean detergent solution
    1 x 1 litre bottle of KlenzKlean detergent solution
    1 x 1 litre bottle of KlenzScale descaling solution
    1 x descaling solution dispenser
    1 x KlenzSecure data logger

    A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water connection is supplied as standard, should it be required

    ThermoKlenz Underbench
    REF 90000151

    Thermo Washer Disinfector Dryer set
    Includes Data Logger

    ThermoKlenz Benchtop
    REF 90000191

  • Power supply: 230 V AC
    50 Hz / 12 A
    Power consumption: 2950 W
    Power pump: 150 W
    Overall dimensions: Width: 560 mm - Height: 800 mm - Depth: 575 mm
    Chamber dimensions: Width: 400 mm - Height: 300 mm - Depth: 450 mm
    Max net weight: 48 kg
    Gross weight: 51 kg
    Drain connection 25 mm dia
    Hydraulic connection cold water 3/4" male
    Min / Max pressure (cold water supply) 2.5 Bar / 5 Bar
    Min / Max temperature (cold water supply) +5 degrees Celsius / +15 degrees Celsius
    Noise 52 dB(A)
    Max room termperature permitted 40 degrees Celsius